M.S. Rau Antiques is selling an antique custom-crafted craftsman's tool cabinet that is full of 210 antique and vintage hand tools. The American and British tool makers represented among this tool collection include Stanley, Stormont, Disston, and Sorby Mortise.

Inside the beautifully crafted 20th Century custom cabinet is a selection of planes, chisels, and saws, auger bits, squares, and spokeshaves that are all in excellent condition. Each of the tools in the collection has a dedicated place within the cabinet, which is multi-layered. No details of the original owner are included in the collection other than to say, "The compendium, by its sheer breadth and complexity, was acquired over the course of many years by a truly gifted woodworker who treasured their tools to such an extent that they created this amazing cabinet to house them". Click on the link to see more photos. Read More