Mike lives in Southern California and when he’s not cruising around in a boat or raising parrots he’s out in the shop building all sorts of crazy stuff – including this very cool 13-wheel mechanic’s tool box.

I like that he built the entire thing, not just the cabinet and drawers but his own heavily modified wheel system. I also like how clean and organized he keeps his shop, tool drawers, and outdoor work area. The 66’ Chevy C20 he’s restoring is pretty cool too.

The video is kind of long so if you’re in hurry here are the highlights:

00:25 what the unit was like when he first had it
01:30 see it roll and hear why he put the handles where he did
02:00 brackets on back for optional shelves
02:40 where the idea of adding more wheels came from
05:00 what it looked like with four wheels and a very quick tour of what’s inside each drawer
07:20 how he modified the brackets to hold three wheels each instead of one
08:25 see Mike roll it around outside