Tech gear has been finding its way onto jobsites for a long time, and now advanced computer technology is even being built into our tools which are designed to take a beating on site. Then there are those gadgets, like iPads or other tablets, that are so convenient for many of us, but aren’t quite as robust. They’re around for performing everyday jobsite tasks such searching rough-in specs to punching time cards or placing lumber orders. These "tools" require a little more protection, or are they better left in the truck?

The Rugged Book from ZAGG could be the answer. Made out of polycarbonate, silicone, and stainless steel, the case looks like something out of Wayne Tech, without the hefty pricetag one might expect. At $149, the case also comes with a rechargeable backlit keyboard, which the manufacturer claims will last 2 years between charges – which is pretty impressive but you better keep tabs on that power cord!