This is the first of Malcolm McGrath’s lean organization videos but I’m showing it last because it made more sense to me to show how the system works in the shop and in the field before showing how everything is transported.

My takeaway from the video is that your portable gear should be collapsible, flexible, and modular. For McGrath, a cabinet maker and installer by trade, Metaltech scaffolding is the collapsible and flexible part. It folds for easy transport and he can use it as a miter saw stand or bench, rolling dolly/tool carry system, and as shelving for tools and supplies. Look closely and you’ll see how he added a pair of bars at the top, to function as stock supports when the unit is used as a miter saw stand.

The green bins are the modular component. There’s nothing all that special about them; they seem to stack pretty well and are just the right size to fit three-across on the shelf of the scaffolding. What I really like is the way they are organized; they are labeled and numbered based on what they contain. The bins he uses for shims and blocking (approx. 4:50 in the video) are tagged with what they are supposed to contain, so after every job (or trip to the shop) his helper knows exactly what to replenish them with. He does something similar (6:55) with the containers of screws in his fasteners bin. I particularly like the way he numbered his tools (8:05) so he knows which particular bin they belong in.

The video begins to get interesting around the 1:10 mark. If you don't watch all of it, be sure to watch from there to the end—as you will almost certainly see things you haven’t seen before about being super organized.