Chris says it would have been faster to build this bench with power tools and easier to have simply purchased it at Home Depot. I agree about the power tools but can't imagine buying a bench such as this at a big box store. If the Home Depot near him stocks anything remotely like this bench then I can't wait to go there.

Chris is an amateur woodworker who likes to use traditional hand tools. In this video he builds an outdoor workbench – starting from logs and progressing to something that cannot be bought in any store. It's a multi-purpose bench: a saw buck, a shaving horse, a hewing bench, and a work table.

Every time I watch this video I notice something new. Here are the tools I can identify – did I miss any?

Sledge and wedges
Splitting maul
Broad axe
Cross cut saw
Hand auger
Brace and bit
Scrub plane

Chris likes what he does and I like watching him do it. This is not the first time one of his videos appeared on Tools of the Trade's website; here's a story about his home-made lathe.