Here in the Northwest, rain is the biggest problem we have in the winter. But it gets cold too – not as cold as other places, but cold enough to make it hard to operate a caulking gun. I used to warm the tubes by putting them on the dashboard or under the heater when I drove to work. It worked okay but I was looking for something better. Last fall I found it...

in an ad for a product called the Caulk Warmer, an insulated nylon bag with a built-in heating element that plugs into a 120-volt receptacle. For me it was one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments.

There are several different versions of the Warmer. Some are bags, and some will wrap around a bucket, propane cylinder, or canister of spray foam. I bought the basic bag – which hold. 12 tubes of standard caulking or 7 quart sized tubes of subfloor glue. We put self-adhesive flashing tape in the bag as well.

According to the manufacturer the bag heats the contents to about 80 degrees. During a snowy period last winter it took about 10 minutes for the bag to warm 7 tubes of glue that had been in the truck overnight. The glue came out like it was a hot summer day.

One version of the bag has an inverter so you can plug it into the cigarette lighter socket on your way to the jobsite. The manufacturer sells sleeves (plastic bags) that fit over open tubes and prevent them from leaking into the Warmer.

In addition to caulk, glue and flashing, there is one other thing we put in the bag – spare gloves so when it's really cold we can change into ones that are nice and warm.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who will be working outside when the temperatures fall. At $85, this is one of those products that pays for itself quickly and cuts the hassle.