I stumbled across a picture of this uber-cool Metabo LED light on Facebook and decided to find out more about it.

The BS 14.4-19 LED work light was announced to the European market in March. It's unclear if or when it will be available for purchase here.

I find this tool interesting because it's configured like a traditional work light and will run off 14.4- or 18-volt batteries.  And it's shown with Metabo's new 5.2 Ah 18-volt battery pack. The highest rated 18-volt pack currently available on the U.S. market is a 4.2 Ah model from Panasonic. According to Metabo, their new battery will power the light for up to 7 hours, which if you factor in breaks is close to a full work day.

As for the frame, I like the looks of the cam-action clamp on the pivot and the rubber pads on the base. It's impossible tell from photos how much light the thing actually puts out or whether or not it is durable. But there is precedent for cordless LED lights being tough and durable, as Festool showed when their Syslite hit the market last year. It will be interesting to see if the Metabo light makes it here and what it will sell for if it does.