I stumbled across this odd folding bench system on Facebook. It's made by a company in the Netherlands and is sold in Australia, New Zealand, and select European countries. That it isn't sold in North America makes me want one even more.

The bench is a system that revolves around a folding aluminum frame with replaceable composite strips that allow you to use it as a saw table. In the open position it looks like an A-frame. Shelf-like work tops can be clipped on from either side at various heights, or at the top to form a wider bench top. The surfaces are drilled to accept various clamps and work stops. It can be folded flat for storage or opened up and leaned against a wall and used to support work tops or as an assembly or cutting station.

The system is modular and is sold as a frame only or in kits with various work tops, clamps, casters, and supports. It's one of those tools you'd have to learn how to use because there are so many things that can be done with it. The design is in keeping with the European preference for compact versatile tools – as opposed to the American preference for more specialized tools that don't necessarily need to be compact. And that makes sense, given the small size of European vehicles and how much less space (on average) Europeans have to use and store tools.