This mechanic’s creeper is so awesome you’ll WANT your truck to break down so you’ll have an excuse to work on it...

Okay, so that’s a bit extreme — no one wants to work on their vehicle unless they have to. And anyway, the creeper in the videos below is a prototype and has not yet gone into production. The guys who invented it are talking to investors about producing the creeper — which is currently called the Human Hoist. It uses a pair of rechargeable batteries to raise and lower the seat — from a low of 4 inches to a high of 26 inches. The first video contains fast motion action of what the creeper can do; the second contains a more detailed explanation. There is also this interview with the folks at Tech News Daily — which is where I was able to see that the creeper uses Makita’s LXT batteries.

A price has not been set but $1,000 has been popping up in discussions of this tool on the web. If that number is correct, it would be a lot of money for a creeper. But it might be worth the price if it could speed up the work or extend your career as a mechanic.

For those of us who spend most of our time at a desk, this might prove handy as an office chair. If you see the boss coming — and don’t feel like talking to him — you could slip under your desk until the coast is clear.