Photo courtesy of Malcolm McGrath/YouTube
Photo courtesy of Malcolm McGrath/YouTube

One of the pain points for most tradesmen is the tension between floor space and work surface. Keep enough tables and benches around for everything that might need to go on top of them and there’s nowhere to walk. Keep enough open floor space and there’s nowhere to put your stuff. What to do?

Cabinet maker Malcolm McGrath came up with a stupid-simple solution, rolling nesting tables (video below). Made from sheet goods and 2-by material, the tables are sized to fit one under the other. I might have used more sheet material and less framing lumber, but then the idea is what matters—not the particulars of construction.

At first glance, it seems strange the front legs aren’t braced side-to-side, but the fronts must be open for the tables to nest. One thing I would have done differently is use locking casters. If installed diagonally across from each other it would only take two per table to keep the table from rolling around.

By the way, when I refer to McGrath’s solution as stupid-simple I mean that as a compliment. The best solution is the simplest one and these nesting benches are so simple it makes me feel stupid for not having thought of them myself. Bravo Malcolm!

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