DWE7499GD Table Saw
DeWalt DWE7499GD Table Saw

DeWalt just announced the DWE7499GD, an upgraded version of the DWE7491RS we reviewed in April. The saws are identical except for the addition of the “Guard Detect” system, which makes it harder to use the saw without the guard installed. It works like this: If the guard is not in place the DWE7499GD’s motor won’t come on when you flip the power switch—unless you first hit an override switch. When the saw is used without the guard in its proper position, an LED light will flash to remind the user that the guard is not in place.

According to a DeWalt spokesperson, the DWE7499GD is currently “the only model that Guard Detect is offered on and DeWalt will continue to sell table saws that do not include this feature." It all boils down to user preference.

Like other saws in the 7490 series, this saw is equipped with a no-voltage switch. This feature will be familiar to anyone who has used a stationary machine with a magnetic switch; the switch won’t stay on when the motor loses power—as might happen when a breaker trips or a cord comes unplugged. It’s a useful feature that prevents accidental or unexpected activation of the saw.

The DWE7499GD is expected to be released this summer. It will come with a rolling stand and have an MSRP of $749. The other version of this saw—the one without the Guard Detect System—is currently available and retails for about $600.

Correction: The original version of this story said the DWE7499GD is the only DeWalt table saw with a no-voltage switch. In fact, all 7490 series table saws have this feature.