In the recip-saw-blade category, bimetal tooth blades used to be the best option for cutting metal. Diablo recently released carbide-tipped recip saw blades that they claim can do the work faster and without snagging in the cut. They're designed with larger teeth and greater chip clearance which means that these blades cut without the excessive heat often generated by tiny bimetal teeth working in a cut. We took a closer look at the Steel Demon blades at a media event hosted by Diablo during the 2015 STAFDA show.

Our sister publication, the Journal of Light Construction ( got building manager Luis Peralta of Brooklyn, NY to take a closer look at the blades. Managing old buildings in NYC means that Luis encounters cast iron and heavy metals on a daily basis. He found the blades to be on the pricy side, but after using them next to bi-metal blades he decided they were worth the money because they last so much longer. Read Luis's full review here.