Talk with Gary Morikawa about Makita USA, and you'll touch on everything from market trends to armature design. There isn't a detail beyond his view, or a horizon beyond his vision. And one year after becoming president, and celebrating Makita's 30th anniversary, Morikawa has his sights set firmly on regaining Makita's No. 1 market position in the United States. The key to this is in new products. "Our future is just beginning," says Morikawa. "We're going to continue pioneering new technology and tools." If the past 18 months offer any indication, they're going to be very busy; Makita introduced 180 new products during this period. "The list of tools on our research and development list would make your head spin," Morikawa says.

But like most successful companies, Makita will build on the foundation it set during its first 30 years. "We're going back to basics," he explains. "Our focus will be on professional tool users, high quality, and legendary service." Along the way, company execs expect to swim against the tide -- producing more one-of-a-kind tools, enhancing power-to-weight ratios, and leading the charge towards new battery systems. However, there is one new mountain on the horizon, that has Morikawa strapping on his climbing gear. "We've got to reach younger tool users," he says. If Makita maintains its focus on new products it won't be long before Gary Morikawa hears them say, "Cool tools dude."