I stumbled across the video below on YouTube, and while watching it, it occurred to me how similar building planes is to building homes: both activities require tools, know-how, and a whole lot of organization.

The organization part is where many in construction fall down; they know what to do but spend way too much time walking around and hunting for tools and materials that should be nearby. Boeing (and really, any manufacturer that expects to stay in business) has the organization part down cold. As builders and remodelers, we could learn a lot from these guys.

My comments below:
00:10 Specialized rolling staging used during the installation of insulation
00:47: I really like the rolling parts/tool carts staged alongside the plane. Conceptually, they are no different than the low-tech cart Malcolm McGrath uses in his cabinet shop or the rolling tool cart Brian Way uses while installing millwork.
00:55 I like the way they place all the interior wall panels next to where they go and an installer comes in after and pops them in one after the other. I’ve worked on jobsite where we did more or less the same thing with door and window casings: preassembling them, standing them next to the opening, and coming by later to nail them up.
01:42 The hand tools this gal is using are on a waist-level cart so there’s no walking or bending to get them.
01:50 Love the conveyor (reminds me of the shopping cart escalator at my local Target store) and temp wheels for rolling the seats into the plane. Almost everything in my shop is on wheels—wish I’d been smart enough to put wheels on more things when I worked on the jobsite.
02:03 Painting a plane is kind of like painting a car; it involves the same operations but on a much larger scale.