You have probably already noticed the good news — which is that we have redesigned our newsletter to be sleeker and cleaner than it was before. Better yet, it no longer contains that photo of the old bald-headed dude (my bosses decided it would be cheaper to get rid of the photo than to replace me with someone handsome). Best of all, our content will NOT be changing. In fact, there will be more of it because we are increasing the frequency of this newsletter from two times per month to three.

So what's the bad news?...

Well, I have been told that the next iteration of the newsletter will contain a spot for a photo — so you might be seeing this again. Sorry.

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January 08, 2013

The newsletter today came to my box with such a tiny font that I had to squint to read it. Don't know if that has to do with my settings of yours but it is unusual. Thanks.

Posted By: BenHurt | Time: 7:30:09.79 PM