When I was a kid, I used to use my dad’s hand drill and ratchet drill. They weren’t quite as antiquated as a bow drill, and both offered more control than the corded drill he had so it was a good tool to learn how to use when I was young. I was reminded of these two tools recently when contributing editor David Frane passed along links to the videos demonstrating rock drills below. The manual rock drills like this are indeed antiquated, but they’re cool to see and give a greater appreciation for the hammer drills we now use today.

In the first video you’ll see a crank-style rock drill that is reminiscent of the early manual rotary cannons or Gatling guns. It’s a lot of work to drill a hole!

The second video is of a similar design, but appears to be more “efficient” – if we use that term in the most liberal sense. I can’t tell if it’s drilling faster than the previous one or if appears so because the operator is just working harder/moving faster.

And here, the slowest of them all – a lever-style device that would surely give you colossal-sized biceps and an equally strong back.