I first saw the Equipter at the JLC LIVE show in Providence, Rhode Island, and like most of the guys around me, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and watched the thing go up and down, and backwards and forwards. After 20 minutes I was darn near hypnotized. It was that cool.

The Equipter is a self-propelled dumpster that can be towed to the jobsite and then driven under its own power (it has a gasoline engine) to wherever it needs to be. A hydraulic pump allows the operator to elevate it to roof level or tip it and empty the contents into a regular dumpster. The inventor was pitching the machine to roofers, who could strip the roof into the Equipter, empty it, and then lift the new shingles up to the roof.

I think he's selling the machine short. Only a few of the people who walked by were roofers; but there plenty of remodelers at the show and I heard them say thing like "I could put that thing next to a window and throw plaster and demo debris into it" or "I could lift material to the second floor or onto the roof – no more carrying it up the staging".

This machine is not for everyone because it sells for around $32,000. That said it could probably replace a lot of expensive manpower.

Check out the videos below. I shot two; the first is just the machine doing its thing (okay, someone is operating it) and the second is the inventor explaining how it works and why he came to invent it.