I own three routers. My wife does not know this; she wouldn’t understand. I know a guy who owns fifteen routers. His wife found out and made him build her a custom sideboard for their dining room; she didn’t understand either. I’m guessing many of you have multiple routers as well, but are you getting the most out of them via the use of jigs / templates? Whenever I take the time to build a template I’m always happy that I did. You are probably well-versed in making and using router templates, though it doesn’t hurt to revisit common practices or to see how someone else goes about doing something.

In the video below, Ron Paulk talks through his process of building a simple router template for some brackets he’s making for his work trailer. Ron uses a guide bushing and an upcut spiral bit to cut the brackets. A top-bearing straight bit (aka flush trim bit) can be a good option too, especially when you don’t want to do the math for the bushing offset. Of course Ron’s option allows you to modify the depth of cut easily within the settings of the plunge setup you’re using. On the other hand, a top-bearing bit requires the template be thick enough for the bearing to register so the applications are limited for this approach.

Do you have any router or template tips? Share them in the comments section below.