No, not that kind of six pack — the kind that...

charges power tool batteries. The Milwaukee Six Pack Sequential Charger (48-59-1806) accepts six M18 batteries at the same time and charges them in sequence: As soon as one battery is "full", the charger goes on to the next one and "fills" it up. You could leave a bunch of batteries on it overnight and they'd all be charged by morning. There are indicator lamps at each position to let you know which packs are charged, charging, or waiting to be charged. Charging time is the same as it is for other Milwaukee chargers, 30 minutes for compact packs and 60 minutes for XC packs. The Six Pack charger just came out and retails for about $100.

I haven't used the Six Pack charger, but if it works as advertised it would be a handy accessory for the tradesman who owns many M18 batteries. There's one way it could be better — and that would be to have a space or two for the company's M12 batteries. Milwaukee already makes a charger that holds one M18 and one M12 pack at the same time. I have one and I like it because it means there's one less charger to deal with.

Milwaukee is not the only company that does something like this; DeWalt makes a couple of chargers that accept two kinds of lithium-ion batteries. One (DCB103 has) space for an XRP (tower-style) pack and a 20V MAX (slide mount) pack. The other (DCB101) is a dual voltage model that accepts one 20V MAX or one 12V MAX pack — but not at the same time. I have one of these dual-voltage chargers and I like it. I'd like it more if it took both kinds of pack at the same time — but realize DeWalt must have designed the charger this way to keep it small (it's about half the size of Milwaukee's dual voltage model).

Six Pack Charger

There is a receptacle on the back of the plug