We've learned a lot over the past 12 years of publishing Tools of the Trade, but the three most important lessons our editorial team acts on every day are:

  1. Listen to our readers
  2. Stay focused
  3. Seek constant improvements.
Rick Schwolsky, Editor-in-Chief
Rick Schwolsky, Editor-in-Chief

Three other principles direct our mission as the leading professional tool magazine in the industry:

  • Provide accurate, clear, and honest hands-on professional field-test results.
  • Focus only on professional-grade tools for our 100 percent pro readers.
  • Cover as many new tools as possible in every issue.

When you boil all this down you end up with our new mission statement: Hands On. All Pro. Pure Tools.

Some of the other changes you'll see in 2007:

Hands On.We're increasing the number of field-tested tools and hands-on reviews in every issue. Big time. That includes this month's groundbreaking hands-on review of 59 new lithium-ion cordless tools (page 34). Starting next month, you'll see a new section called First Test, in which we'll field-test up to five brand new tools as they roll out of the factories.

All Pro.We don't mess around with do-it-yourself weekend warriors or the tools they buy. You can't even get a subscription to Tools of the Trade unless you're a pro. And nobody knows any more about professional construction tools and their use than you, our readers. That's because the typical Tools of the Trade reader has been in construction for 26 years. So we're very selective and very clear about which tools make it onto our pages. We may experiment from time to time with new brands, or even lower-cost tools, but only if we think they are tools you should know about. After all, we're pros too. The editorial team of staff and contributors at Tools has more than 300 years of combined experience in construction and covering the industry.

Pure Tools. Tools, tools, and more tools. With tool manufacturers launching new tools, product lines, and technological innovations every month–not to mention new brands emerging–we're making room in every issue so we can keep up. We'll continue to track every major trend, minor breakthrough, and promising innovation to provide you with the clearest view of what this exciting industry has in store for you and your crews.

In addition to these changes, look for more safety training this year. While pros are more skilled in using their tools, their confidence also makes them a little more prone to be careless. So we are devoting ourselves to helping reduce jobsite injuries so you and your crews can be productive and safe.

We're very excited about these changes and how they'll help us meet our mission to serve you. Sixty-eight percent of you bought a tool last year based on one of our articles. That's a level of trust we take seriously.