Matt Cianci

A reader recently asked, "A perfectly straight handsaw is a thing of beauty and a joy to use, but how key is straightness in terms of performance, and is there any practical way to restore true “factory” straightness to a handsaw?"

We got an answer from Matt Cianci, owner of The SawWright, in Warwick, R.I. His initial reaction to the question is that the importance of perfect straightness in a saw’s line of teeth is a bit overstated. In his experience, perfect straightness isn’t necessary to make straight cuts.

He goes on to say that a gentle bow in one direction can still yield a very true cut. In fact, Cianci says, most handsaws will not suffer performance issues because of a curved tooth line (contrary to popular belief); the same holds true for backsaws. For more of Matt's answer, and to learn his method of straightening a saw click here.