According to you, these are the best and worst Tools of the Trade blog posts of 2014. We know, because we looked at the website data. Did you miss any good ones? Did you accidentally read any lame ones? Do the ratings even make sense? Let us know.

Best: Clever Home-Built Saw Horse Work Station

Worst: Compared to Dave Kloke’s Hobby, Your Hobby is Lame (I didn’t mean to pick on your hobby in particular. Compared to Dave Kloke’s hobby, everyone’s hobby is lame. Abraham Lincoln and a full-size locomotive—how could anything beat that?)

Best: 17 Odd and Unusual Tools from NHS

Worst: What Not to Wear to an Arc Flash Test (I get the message: You don’t care for 1970s polyester jump suits and hate burning manikins.)

Best: A Super Organized Rolling Work Station

Worst: A Gallery of Hand Tool Tattoos (What can I say? Good tatts are expensive and some of these guys didn’t have much money.)

Best: Can’t Get it Yet: Strange Folding Hammer

Worst: Cool Ice Age Pickup (How was I supposed to know your truck would feel like this during the Polar Vortex?)

Best: A Tricked Out Miter Saw Cart

Worst: What’s the Best Trade? (Just for the record, if you work in the trades your job is better than mine. Really, this story proves it)