Two things are ubiquitous on every jobsite: coffee and dirt, and unfortunately the two often meet. Single serve pod coffee makers have been a great invention for those of us who like to take break with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee without heading to the local convenience store. But most models out there allow dust into the water, and they ultimately break down from dirt and grime. Coffeeboxx, from Oxx, is a rugged, crush-proof coffee maker built for construction jobsites. Its water-resistant and dust-resistant shell help it withstand ¼ ton load.

Stainless steel tie-downs allow the box to be strapped down so it won’t roll over in your truck or trailer during transport. At 2.5L/84.5oz, the removable reservoir can make up to 10 cups, and is also spill proof and dust proof. Prefer tea over coffee? There’s on-demand hot water for that as well.

Cost: $249.99.