This wheeled outfeed table doubles as a workbench and cut station for a track saw.

The box-beam construction and drilled top of the upper section of this home-made bench remind me of Ron Paulk's Ultimate Workbench II.  But unlike Paulk's creation, which has a pair of tops that rest on folding sawhorses, this one is attached to a stand that can be rolled against the back of the table saw or out from the shop into a basement level garage and used as a cut station to break down sheet goods.

That the guy in the video would cut sheet goods in the garage makes perfect sense to me. The entrance to my last shop was through a basement bulkhead and there was no way to get full sheets of plywood around the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

I like the support brackets that fold out from the side of the bench (makes it more compact) and that he keeps foam insulation in the bottom of the cart for use as a sacrificial top while cutting with a track saw. This would work with a regular circular saw too. The frame he designed for cutting full sheets is very clever; I like the way the half-lap joints and hinged folding sides allow it to break down for easy storage.

There's nothing entirely new or unique about this bench and the guy who built it did what most of us do:  he took the features he'd seen on other benches, added a few of his own, and produced a bench that works for his situation.