I don’t speak German so the first time I watched this video I assumed the bench was for sale and the narrator was saying something like “whatever you build on this bench will be a piece of garbage—compared to the bench itself”. It turns out the bench is not for sale but the plans for it are, which means whatever you build on this bench will likely be as good (or bad) as the bench, since you built the bench yourself. 

All kidding aside, this is an incredible work bench. Maybe too incredible—it looks to me like you could spend the rest of your life outfitting this thing with fancy-pants jigs and filling it with incredibly expensive tools. Highlights include:

  • 00:40 – an end vise with cranks that turn in tandem to keep the jaws absolutely parallel 
  • 01:40 – brass bench dogs 
  • 02:00 – various fancy pants hold-downs 
  • 02:25 – an expensive-looking accessory for turning a corded drill into a drill press
  • 02:50 – accessory for turning a drill into a sanding wheel 
  • 03:35 – clever Festool guide rail setup for use with a saw, router, and plate joiner 
  • 05:40 – fancy-pants router setup
  • 07:00 – insane router fence attachment (if you don’t watch anything in the video – watch this)