Expanding upon Tools of the Trade’s reputation of providing practical information by builders, for builders, we’ll continue to bring insights, tool-related best practices, safety, and reviews straight from professionals on the jobsite – now from our newly redesigned website. It went live today. We’ve seen a growing trend indicating many of you are accessing our content from mobile devices, which we assume is happening from places like the jobsite or lumberyard parking lot. Mobile access to our old site was clumsy and difficult. Not anymore.

Now, with the new and improved toolsofthetrade.net you’ll be able to easily access and browse our content from any device without a glitch. The display automatically formats to whatever screen size you’re using, which makes pages easy to read without having to pinch and zoom with your fingers.

We’ve also organized things a bit differently in order to make the site easier to navigate. Our search function is greatly improved, as well, which means you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

What’s more is that the new platform allows us and our contributors to publish content in a streamlined manner – so you’ll get the latest reviews and videos in a more timely way.

Along with becoming the preeminent go-to resource for tools, we will leverage the new Tools of the Trade platform to foster dialogue and engagement from our audience through user reviews and user-generated content – additional features that are currently in development.

We’ve been working on the redesign for many months now, and we think we’ve caught any snags in the conversion process. But if you come across anything and want to share your comments and opinions, or have any suggestions please email me at cermides@hanleywood.com