I’m not usually impressed by tools from Worx (too DIY) but this one is kind of cool. The HydroShot is a 20-volt max tool that functions as a hand-held pressure washer. It has adjustable power and can spray water at 100-320 psi. That's less than you’ll get from most pressure washer but then the average pressure washer is nowhere as portable as this 3.7-pound tool. It can be connected to a garden hose or used with a supplied plastic hose that will pull from a fresh water source such as a bucket, pond, or pool.

The manufacturer's sell sheet shows it being used to wash boats, cars, and outdoor furniture—which is probably what most people will use it for. But I could see using one where a water line was not available to clean shovels, wheelbarrows, or the back of a truck or trailer after a trip to the dump. The existence of this tool makes me wonder what would happen if one of the big companies that make cordless OPE—DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee—came out with a similar tool capable of producing much higher spray pressure.

The HydroShot has an adjustable nozzle and comes with a suction hose, charger, and one 2.0 Ah battery. It is scheduled for release early this year and is expected to sell for about $120.