Okay, so that’s not exactly what WSJ columnist Joe White said, but he did suggest some ways affluent older folks are affecting how trucks are designed and what it costs you to buy one.

According to White, about 1/3 of pickup owners use them once a day for errands—as opposed to hauling around tools and construction material. And many of these people are affluent folks who do not want to drive loud uncomfortable vehicles—hence the trend towards more plush interiors.

Improvements include better gasketing on doors to reduce wind noise (all manufacturers) and steps and hand-holds for climbing into the bed (Ford and Chevy). These and myriad other improvements have led to rising prices. In an earlier report on sales White says 1/3 of all pickups go for more than $40,000.

Interestingly, manufacturers seem to recognize that traditional users can only be pushed so far. So while truck interiors have been getting more luxurious, they retain old style knobs and dials – as opposed to the touch screens and other conveniences found in high-end cars.