If you’re one of those folks who dreams of having an awesome small parts storage system filled with all manner of nuts, bolts, and obscure hardware then watch this video and see Adam Savage live your dream (as if a having a job where he gets to build weird contraptions and blow them up on TV was not enough to be jealous of).

The difference here is that you could have the same storage system as Adam and to fill it with the same kinds of things--if you had enough money. Sortimo is a European brand of modular tool storage boxes which greatly resemble and can be used interchangeably with Bosch L-boxes--which happen to be made by Sortimo. DeWalt and others make modular tool and storage boxes but the other main brand sold in the U.S. Market is the Festool Systainer. Sustainers are Manufactured by Tanos, a sister company to Festool that sells under its own label in Europe. Sortimo and Tanos products can be purchased in the U.S.but are not as widely distributed as those bearing the Bosch and Festool labels.