Knaack's new 48 cubic foot Monster Box model 1000 piano box is 66 inches wide, 54-1/2 inches tall, 30 inches deep, and one tough box. I know–I had a chance to test it out, getting one of the first to roll off the production line.

Two 10-inch deep shelves run the full width of the box, and there's a steel grate to hang fall-protection gear. This box is large enough to hold all the tools for an eight-man framing crew. What makes the Monster box a standout is the heavy, tubular steel frame that surrounds it. This gives it much greater strength and rigidity, and allows for top-lifting points, a feature not feasible on standard-design boxes. The frame extends up each side of the box, so that when closed, the lid is flush along the top and front. This encases the lid, making it impossible to pry open.

A heavy-gauge piano hinge is end-welded and staked, or crimped along one side of the hinge barrel, which deforms the steel so it cannot slide out. The box has an integrated three-point locking system, with two side deadbolts and a center hook latch. In the closed and locked position, each deadbolt slides flush into a snug-fitting recess in a 7-gauge steel panel, making it immune to bolt cutters or hacksaws. The center hook latch is well-concealed behind the front panel. Insert the key, and the lock pops out to act as a handle to disengage the three-point locking system and raise the lid. This weather-resistant locking system is new with the Monsters and meets the stringent UL-437 drill-resistance rating.

Monster 1000 keys cannot be copied. The registered owner must request more keys from the dealer, which must order them from the factory. Multiple boxes can be keyed alike for convenience.

My fully loaded Monster 1000 is too much to unload with a standard lift gate; a forklift gets it off the truck. But once on the jobsite, it has other moving options. Three steel tubes running front to back give the unit 1-1/8 inches of clearance, ample room for lifting by forklift. Plus, four hinged lifting rings allow stable center-point hoisting by crane. This connection is rated for 2,500 pounds. Once you have it up in a building, you can run your whole crew out of it. I put the optional 6-inch casters on my Monster 1000 so mere mortals could move it. These sturdy wheels have a 2,600-pound load rating and come with brakes. With the casters, the box gains 7-1/2 inches in height and about 23 pounds.

I really like the power cord pass-through port in the back panel with its weatherproof, rubber grommet. This let me charge cordless tools overnight with the box closed and locked.

The Verdict

The Knaack Monster model 1000 piano box is a huge step forward in secure jobsite storage. With its pry-resistant lid design, sturdy hinges, three-point locking system, and UL-rated lock, breaking into this Monster would require a very determined criminal. Thieves typically won't work that hard.

–Michael Davis is a contributing editor of Tools of the Trade.

Knaack Manufacturing Co.

Monster Box 1000
Price $1,399
Casters (model 695)
Price $129