The multi-function table (MFT) is made by Festool; the multi-function tool cart (MFTC) is made by you.

The multi-function tool cart was designed by Timothy Wilmots, a woodworker in Belgium. It's a hack, not in the sense of being a product that was altered or made into something else, but in the sense that Wilmot understands Festool's design philosophy and invented something the company probably wishes it had invented itself.

The MFTC is a wheeled frame that holds a number of Festool Systainers and has a removable top and shelf supported by folding legs. It is made from wood, MDF, and various pieces of hardware. The cart and its variants are clever beyond belief.

I could describe it to you, but you'll find it more enjoyable to watch the video below. Supposedly, Wilmots sells plans for the MFTC, like Ron Paulk does for his bench and Alex K. for his Domino wannabe. I looked, but was unable to find them for sale on his website. No matter, I had plenty of fun poking around (check out the photos of other configurations of the MFTC) and if you send him an email (he speaks Dutch, French, and English) you can probably work something out.