TriVan Truck Body put a custom-made aluminum body on an E-450 van for a water district in Oregon. The construction is very like that of the retired ambulance Phil Herzegovitch uses in his remodeling business. I like the outdoor work light, and the RV awning is a clever touch. The most interesting parts are inside: a workbench, built-in storage, and a vise that fits on the bench or the hitch receiver. Skylights, LEDs, and fluorescent lights provide what appears to be good interior lighting. The floor is interesting too—a type of nonskid aluminum that reminds me of the surfaces on some aluminum staging planks. A step folds down from the back bumper and provisions were made to store a 5,000 watt generator on a shelf that pulls out from a storage bay. The only thing missing is a look at the vehicle when it’s filled with tools and a shot of the invoice—which has got to be at least $100k.