A couple of months back Brian Way gave me a tour (video below) of the back of his truck and one of the things he had in there was FastCap’s KISS Drill Bit System. At first I mistook it for a container filled with markers and pencils—because there were so many colors. But when Way explained what it was and how it worked there was no mistaking what a clever system it is. Twist drill bits are color coded by painting the end that goes into the chuck. This color corresponds to a row of openings in the KISS Drill Bit Index, into which the bits are dropped. The color is a reminder to put the bit in the correct row. The length is a reminder to put it into the correct slot; the bit will stick up above the others if you put it in the wrong slot. The index functions as an inventory system and you can tell at a glance if you’re running short of a particular size.


The ABS plastic index can be purchased empty ($30) or with a selection of 82 bits and driver tips ($199). It’s set up for bits between 1/64” and 1/2” in increments of 1/64.


The first video below is of Brian Way showing me the KISS System in his truck; the second is of the inventor of the system explaining how it came to be.