Milwaukee's 26-inch Jobsite Work Box won't be available until June, but here's a sneak peak of what to expect when it does roll out to select retailers.

The toolbox features reinforced corners for impact resistance, recessed latches, and buttresses hinges that the manufacturer says allows falling debris to deflect off it instead of breaking it. The product is made of proprietary impact-resistant polymer and is weather sealed to keep tools inside dry and clean.

According to the producer, the toolbox can withstand over 1,000 drops with a 50-pound load inside.

The interior of the box includes corner pockets for organizing tools in an upright manner and mounting bosses in the lid that can be used with a screw for hanging tools. There is also a removable tray for small tools and items.

In showing off its versatility, the top handle of the toolbox folds into a cut groove which can be used to clamp small-diameter material for cutting and sawing. The top handle is a wide-over molded handle and it also features pass-through side handle grips on the narrow sides of the box.

According to Milwaukee Tools, this is the first product in a line of storage boxes and solutions with others yet to be announced.

Price: $45 / COO: USA / 1.800.729.3878 /