Kreg recently sent one of their new System Organizer (KTC55) so I could evaluate it. The unit measures 18" wide x 151/4" tall x 65/8" deep and is designed to hold a variety of Kreg jigs and accessories.

The box contains a removable insert with space on the right for a K3, K4, or K5 jig. The K5 jig has removable wings; there’s space to store those in the center. Clamps can be stored in a slot to the left of the center compartment. The bins on the left can be used to store different types of drill guides. There are holes through the insert for storing various bits, drivers, wrenches, and plug cutters. I have an older K3 system and a small number of accessories and I have no trouble fitting everything inside. My system doesn’t have wings so I use the center compartment for miscellaneous items that don’t fit in specified openings. You can also use this space to store 100-count boxes of Kreg screws.

I currently keep my Kreg stuff in a stacking plastic file box that is large enough to hold the jig, accessories, and some screw kits. While I like that it holds my screw kits, it’s bulky and my gear is simply dumped inside. The System Organizer is more compact (better use of storage space) and far better organized. With a place for everything and everything in its place it makes it easier to keep track of what’s inside. I can see why Kreg chose not to make space for the screw kits; the Organizer would be bulky if made any larger and not everyone carries an assortment of screws in a kit.

The insert consists of three pieces, any one of which can be removed to make space to store a different group of items. The most likely to go would be the one on the left—to make space for additional clamps, up to six 500-count containers of screws, or a compact drill or driver.

The organizer is made from impact-resistant polymer (plastic) and has a clear polycarbonate top so you can see what’s inside. I like the built-in handle but am not wild about the plastic latches used to hold the top closed. They’re sturdy enough but seem like the kind of part that might break if the box is abused. Granted, the finish carpenters and woodworkers who are likely to buy the organizer are not the kind of people will throw the box in the back of a truck and pile lumber and ladders on top of it. If treated as well as a Festool Systainer or Bosch L-Boxx it will probably be fine.

The System Organizer is made in the USA and will be available for purchase in September 2015. MSRP: $39.99.