I don’t know for sure where the video below was shot. It was posted on YouTube by Gennady Trifonov and the description is in Russian. But the side of the trailer is decorated with the flag of Finland.  Wherever it is, the idea of outfitting a small car-hauled trailer in this manner is pretty clever. From the look of his setup Trifonov appears to be some kind of remodeler or handyman. Clearly, he is not going to haul a bunch of heavy tools and materials in this thing, but then maybe he doesn’t need to.

A translation of Trifonov’s comments reveals that the tool hauler is based on a standard trailer and it took him about three days to set it up as you see. It contains no custom parts; everything added to the trailer came from the hardware store. I like the side door access because it saves him from having to crawl in to get at items stored near the front but am not sold on the idea of hanging a chop saw out through the opening. A removable windscreen (see second video) can be installed on the front to reduce wind noise and aerodynamic drag and there is a home-made awning on back—a low-tech version of what is found on many RVs. During an exchange with a commenter from Russia, Trifonov said it would cost between 80 and 100 thousand rubles ($2,250-2,818) to buy and set up a similar trailer.

In a country where fuel is expensive and cars are small a trailer like this might be just the thing for the tradesman who needs to haul small quantities of tools and material.