A few months back I posted a story about Kurt Stevenson’s dump trailer. When he had it built he got the fabricator to add custom touches such as sides that can be partially removed to make for easier loading with a skid steer, multi-mode tail lights, and rear jacks that can be used to change tires and prevent the trailer from tipping when machinery comes up the ramps. Kurt would be the first to admit he didn’t invent these features; they were things he saw while researching trailers on the web prior to having one built. It turns out someone else was thinking along the same lines but carried it even farther. The video below was produced by a company that manufactures a trailer that has some of the features of Kurt’s trailer plus some he probably wishes it had. So what if the guy in the video wants to sell you a trailer? It’s worth watching because you get a quick tour of the manufacturing plant followed by a look at the features of a high-end dump trailer.

Cool features include:

0:55 a 10,000 pound hydraulic jack controlled by a key fob
1:05 hydraulic tail gate/ramp—also controlled by key fob
1:30 box sides swing down to make for easier side loading
2:00 hydraulic tail gate pivots the other way for dumping

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