Ron Paulk has been sharing his tips and techniques for years on everything from installing cabinets to building a customized workbench to tricking out a jobsite trailer. And during that time he’s perfected the overwhelming task of organizing his tools in such a way that allow him to work more efficiently. His tool trailer isn’t just a cool thing to look at – it’s extremely functional. In this video, Paulk points to the hard truth that if we say we don’t have time to better organize our tool cache, we’re probably wasting more of that time than we’d like to admit. His advice starts with scheduling time off – a solid week or two, even – as if it were a job, and spend that time organizing tools, shop, truck, and trailer. Paulk insists that the time spent getting organized with pay for itself at least two-fold within the first year. His points about how and where losses happen are important ones to consider. And his thoughts on working efficiently are also worth noting. Check out his video below, and share your own thoughts and tips in the comments section below.