The Work Truck Show is held each March in Indianapolis, and as the name implies, it is the premier event for work trucks and related accessories. Sponsored by the National Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA), the show is where truck industry people go to meet with suppliers and see all of the latest products. This was my first time attending the show, though I definitely plan to go again.

While there, I saw everything from caps, service bodies, and storage systems to high-tech gizmos for converting vehicles to electric, CNG, or hybrid operation. It's a great show; the only downside is I can no longer drive down the highway without checking out every work truck and van I see.

The slideshow on this page contains a small portion of the equipment you would have seen if you'd been at The Work Truck Show. Be sure to read the captions, which explain what each item is, and look for the video links—as video will give you the best sense of how some of the equipment works.