Tesla recently released it’s first venture towards the world of trucks with its Model X crossover – a 600hp electric vehicle. The folks at TruckTrend.com took the crossover’s features along with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s mentions over the years of developing a truck to speculate on what it might be.

While their concept doesn’t look like anything that would show up on a jobsite – at least not by anyone other than the lumber sales person or homeowner – it’s worth checking out. The likelihood of a battery-powered work truck might seem far fetched. But when you consider the Model X’s features, it’s not that far a stretch.

I like some of the features that TruckTrend dreamed up, especially the bed and tailgate design. Interesting stuff. We’ll have to wait and see what Tesla comes up with and if it’s something truly geared for construction, or for heading out on the town after a long workday. Read More