A 12-inch tie coiled.
David Frane A 12-inch tie coiled.
A 12-inch tie twisted.
David Frane A 12-inch tie twisted.
A 3-inch tie.
David Frane A 3-inch tie.
These are 18-, 24-, and 32-inch ties. Also available are 3-, 6-, 12, and 64-inch ties.
David Frane These are 18-, 24-, and 32-inch ties. Also available are 3-, 6-, 12, and 64-inch ties.

About a year ago I was at a big box store and happened upon a display of Gear Ties, brightly colored twist-tie wraps that consist of wire with a grippy ribbed rubber coating. They looked kind of interesting so I bought a few, took them back to the shop, and used them to secure some air hoses and electrical cords. They worked great so I ordered more online, medium (12" and 18") ones for the shop and small (3" and 6") ones for the office and travel. Nite Ize also makes some larger (24”, 32”, and 64”) ties and it’s just a matter of time before I find an excuse to try them out.

Gear Ties can be coiled around the item to be secured or twisted around like a twist tie—either way will work. In the shop I use them on hoses and power cords. In the office I use them to organize cords for electronics: chargers, USB cords, ear buds, and the like. These things are not just for cords, they can be used to tie or hold just about anything you can fit them around. The same ties can be used over and over again. I suppose the wire core might eventually succumb to metal fatigue, but that has yet to happen to any of mine.

In terms of their handiness, Gear Ties are second only to duct tape. I use them all the time and yet it did not occur to me to write about them until I was reviewing a video shot at JLC LIVE. The video showed the interior of Brian Way's Shop on Wheels and there on the wall (at about the 1:50 mark) were a bunch of hoses secured with Gear Ties. Brian and I have never discussed Gear Ties but I figure if we both like them then they’re probably worth talking about.

The accessories shown here are simple ties, but Nite Ize incorporates their twist tie material into multiple products that can be clipped to or mounted on a variety of surfaces.

Gear Tie Specs
Lengths: 3”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 32”, and 64”
Country of origin: USA
Available: in single, multi, or assorted packs
Cost: $3 to $25