It can be tough getting heavy items in and out of the back of a work van—especially when working alone. One way around this problem is to equip your van with a ramp that folds out from the back. A number of companies offer such products but most are either up (blocking the back of the bed) or down. That’s fine if you plan to always use the ramp but a problem when you don’t need it.

Link Manufacturing’s Swivel Ramp can be stored upright behind the closed back doors of the van or swiveled 180 degrees forward and back. This allows you to store it against the inside wall of the vehicle when it’s not needed or to pivot it out the back door for those times when you want to lift tools and supplies directly out of the van (as might happen when there isn’t space to deploy the ramp)

Link has made folding ramps for years; the Swivel Ramp is new. It will be released for sale in late spring 2016 and will retail for between $2,500 and $3,500. Click here for more info.