If your pickup is a Tundra and it's got serious frame rust, you could be in for some good news: Toyota has announced that it will replace the complete frame on affected vehicles built between 2000 and 2003 at no cost to the owners.

The recall, which follows an earlier partial rusty-frame fix, applies to Tundras with frame rust holes of at least 10 millimeters in diameter – large enough to poke a finger through. To qualify, the truck must be operational, with a working powertrain and no major damage, but there is no limit on the vehicle's mileage. Sources have reported that pickups built during the affected period were given inadequate undercarriage corrosion protection. The recall does not apply to vehicles with "normal" metallic surface rust.

Toyota has offered to replace the framework and provide a rental vehicle while the vehicle is being repaired. The procedure will reportedly cost the automaker up to $10,000 per truck. According to Toyota, the offer is valid until April 2012.