A remodeler named Brian Kee fitted out the back of his van and posted video of it on YouTube. Unlike some of the customized work vehicles we’ve shown lately this one is not equipped with shelves for modular boxes or cubbies for loose tools. Brian is old-school; he carries power tools in the boxes they came in and hand tools in conventional tool boxes and drywall bucket organizers.

Two of Brian’s videos are embedded below. The first shows him loading the van at the end of the day and the second shows some of the details of how it’s constructed.

Highlights in the video above include:
0:42 Wall hinges open to provide access to the storage area behind—where there is space for a workbench top and a pair of folding sawhorses.
1:48 You can see here that the main shelf is not fixed in place (notice how he slides it towards the back of the van to fold the hinge closed). The hinge allows access to tools stored under the shelf or the entire shelf can be removed to make space to haul tall items. The lip on the back of the shelf stiffens it and prevents it from sliding forward on the support cleats.

Here’s how the van storage system was built. It won’t win any fine woodworking awards but hey, this is a carpenter and we’re talking about a work truck. Looks to me like it works just fine.

Highlights include:
0:20 Notice how he created a space sized to fit his work bench top—which will fit in there a bit like a pocket door fits into its slot.
1:10 Cleats to support upper deck/shelf
1:25 The plywood was kerf bent to form a curved access door to the left side compartment. Brian calls it a clamshell door.
1:55 Here you can see why the piece was curved—so it would tuck back in near the rear door opening.