In 2008 Nissan released sketches of a radical concept van. I'm not surprised they never built it or that an individual cabinet maker built something similar on his own.

Nissan called this van the NV200, and the back end slid out like a giant drawer. Shown here filled with the kind of scuba gear that James Bond might have owned, it could easily have been configured to carry tools and supplies. The hard part for the manufacturer would have been designing the drawer; for the owner it would be finding a place to park where there's room to pull the drawer out. Steep hills might also have been a problem. I like the latch at the top rear of the drawer because it reminds me of the latch on a toolbox.

Like so many concept vehicles, the manufacturer chose not to produce the NV200. And yet the cabinet maker in this story found a way to build something similar for a pickup truck. Go figure.