A few months back we ran a multiple choice survey about the vehicles and trailers you use for construction work and 599 of you answered. One of the first questions asked was “Which of the following do you use to bring tools and materials to the jobsite? It’s okay to answer more than once.”

The choices were:
Standard pickup
Pickup with service body
Standard van
Cube van
SUV or Suburban
Station wagon/crossover

We asked the same question in a 2011 survey that lumped all of the trades together. The 2014 survey was set up so the answers could be separated by trade, which makes things more interesting because it reveals the differences between trades. The pie charts below contain the answers from all who responded in 2011, all who responded in 2014, and those trades that received at least 25 responses in the most recent survey. The answers from trades that received less than that number were lumped into a category called “All Other Trades”; I had to draw the line somewhere and that seemed like a reasonable cut-off.

Links to the answers for other questions in the survey can be found at the bottom of this page.

More tradesmen seem to be using trailers; aside from that little has changed since 2011.

Relatively speaking, pickups are not as popular with remodelers as they are with other trades. Remodelers are as likely to drive standard vans as handymen and make greater use of service bodies than most other trades surveyed.

GCs who do new construction are all about pickups though they also make good use of trailers. Standard vans are not popular with this crowd, though they do make some use of cube vans.

Handymen do some of everything so it should be no surprise that they drive some of everything, though pickups are by far the most popular.

The finish carpenters who answered our survey are big on pickups, standard vans, and trailers. They make little use of service bodies. I can see why--there's nowhere to put a miter saw.

The electricians who took our survey are as likely to drive standard vans as pickups and make surprisingly high use of trailers.