Many of you likely fine-tune the adjustment of a door using an adjustable wrench. If you've ever done this, you know that it's not the ideal tool, because the jaws are straight and can distort the shape of the knuckle or slip off and ruin the finish. Fast Cap came out with an adjustable wrench with rounded jaws meant to grab the knuckle snugly and evenly. Ron Paulk demonstrates how it works in this video. There's still the potential to ding or scratch the hinge, so it's not foolproof. I've used electrician's tape in the past to protect the hinge's finish—and I can see it working here as well. Still, if you hang a lot of doors and use the knuckle-bending technique to fine-tune the fit, this knuckle bender from FastCap is worth a look. It also has a swing-out hinge pin remover. If you plan to buy one, be sure to use the discount code found at the bottom of Ron's video for $10 off.